Free Silver Eagle Giveaway Tomorrow!


A regular sponsor, concerned about grading and replica issues on Proxibid, not only will support our scholarship tomorrow but also will offer a Silver Eagle to the first registered Proxibid user who contacts him after viewing a coin “with special characteristics.”

Proxiblog dialogues with Proxibid auctioneers. They call us, we chat and share concerns on the portal. Top of nearly everyone’s list is the lack of knowledge by consignors about the condition of their cherished coins. Not far behind as a concern is the ignorant bidder who doesn’t know how to cherrypick a variety that can spell big bucks with a little numismatic knowledge.

Tomorrow we will show only a part of a valuable coin … and challenge our viewers to send to the auctioneer the specific VAM variety. VAM is an acronym for Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis, numismatic authors who catalogued Morgan and Peace dollar varieties.

Several auctioneers have told us they would like to sponsor a free Silver Eagle giveaway to get more Proxibidders to see articles on this site. We average about 100+ views per day, but our auctioneer-sponsors want to double that with a question about numismatics. The first person to register on our sponsor’s coin auction site (you don’t have to bid to win!) who also correctly submits the right VAM answer will get the Eagle.

We applaud that. Tomorrow on Proxiblog we will ask a tricky numismatic question. We’ll supply the right answer on Monday.

Be the first person to get the right answer and Eagle!


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