Each of these coins has problems, resulting in our not placing a bid. Some flaws are based on condition, others on altering, dipping or damage. Some coins have more than one flaw. If you can discern the flaw (or flaws) for each coin, post a comment. We’ll disclose flaws tomorrow.

1855 $1 Gold

1882-CC $1

1885-S $1

1886-O $1

Check back tomorrow for answers. Happy grading!


4 thoughts on “FIND THE FLAW

  1. 1855 $1 Gold – Numerous rim hits, nasty scratches, weak date, coin has been cleaned.

    1882 CC $1 – Coin has environmental damage (carbon spots all over), probably from being stored in a PVC flip for a long time.

    1885 S $1 – Coin surfaces look kind of grainy which would signify that the coin has been whizzed to enhance the details.

    1886 O $1 – Coin has been harshly cleaned and/or dipped. Light hairlines all over the obverse

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