Beware, auctioneers, who use PayPal rather than APN to process credit card purchases on Proxibid. Here’s why: PayPal has a spending limit for each user, ostensibly to insure security, or else the bidder cannot use PayPal (even through VISA, Discover, Master Card, etc.) for coin purchases. PayPal makes users become “verified,” meaning a bidder has to provide bank routing and checking number. PayPal makes a small deposit in a bidder’s account, and the person reports back what the deposit was, and once that has occurred, the person can use PayPal again.

Many Proxibidders use credit cards because they earn points through them, enabling more coin purchases. Using PayPal exclusively eliminates that. Also, knowing coin hobbyists, they will hesitate to provide PayPal with their bank routing numbers and personal accounts.

Yes, if you do not verify, you can’t use eBay. So what? There’s Proxibid, after all, as a reasonable alternative, providing the Omaha-based company continues vigorous quality control … and Proxiblog as an independent entity ensures even more for auctioneers and bidders alike.