Fool’s Gold Comes to Proxibid


Vials of gold flake typically hold no gold or low grade gold that disappears in an acid test or disintegrates to near nothing if melted.

Look at the opening bid here, $250, with the caption: “100 large 4″ vials gold flakes. Much taller and wider than ebay vials. Gold quality varies. Not for melting.”

EBay has been notorious in selling these near worthless vials of gold. It’s not fool’s gold (pyrite) but fools do buy it thinking they are going to make a fortune.

Gold flake like this is used in food decoration.

(NOTE: Of course, we do not encourage anyone to eat gold flakes sold on Proxibid or to use them as food coloring. There is a reason: We cannot know if the contents are really gold or mixed with an alloy or some other base metal. Pure gold is inert and will pass through the body. Alloys aren’t. Click here for more information.)

See this eBay guide for additional information.

Auctioneers shouldn’t offer it; bidders shouldn’t buy it. That’s our recommendation.

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