Proxibid vs. eBay, Part II: Shipping

Proxiblog spent the past few weeks winning lots on eBay to compare the experience with Proxibid. We wrote about that initially in this post. We continue this week with more posts in the series, noting the comparison between the two portals in terms of coins, shipping, photography and service. The first thing you notice scanning […]

On the Block: Southwest Bullion Rolls Out 0% Buyer’s Fee, Flat-Rate Shipping

Southwest Bullion, located in Houston, Texas, has rolled out a 0% buyer’s fee with flat-rate USPS shipping, APN clearance with no maximum-bid-viewing or consignor bidding. By Justin Quinn, licensed auctioneer The coin market has for many years been stricken with a BUYERS PREMIUM fee structure that supposedly only really benefits the seller, but in our […]

Auctioneer Shipping Phobia

We do not know why an auctioneer would use terms of service like the one below, indicating the house was contacted numerous times about the policy but still ignores feedback. Gone are the days on Proxibid when auctioneers selling coins could dictate terms of service, knowing they had little competition from other houses (such as […]

Shipping Policies Influence Internet Sales

Inexpensive, quick shipping is one of the Honor Roll requirements at Proxiblog. We’re showcasing four proactive shipping policies and four we hadn’t seen before. Before Amazon got its shipping policies in order, it lost money. Same goes for other successful Internet portals. Proxibid depends on auctioneers to satisfy online bidders after a sale. Internet sales […]

Outsourced Shipping Devalues Proxibid’s APN badge

Nothing irks us more than houses that carry the Proxibid APN badge, meaning they pay a premium for credit card security (which we support), only to learn they do not ship coins but rely on the third-party carriers to do that. Recently Proxiblog won an inexpensive Peace dollar in a timed auction. The auction house […]

Scott Auctions wins “Best Shipping” honor

Scott Auctions, a Stephens City, Va., firm, has won Proxiblog’s “Best Shipping” Award, combining great consignments–see his archived Jan. 2, 2012 auction–with $10 flat-rate shipping for all winning bids. Other auctions have adopted the same shipping policy, but owner Scott Strosnider was among the first to use it for coins, knowing how most winning lots […]

Auctioneer Discusses Shipping Snafus

Jeremy Jager of Big Fellas Auction was featured in a recent On the Block interview concerning his first auction on Proxibid. In this post he discusses shipping issues associated with his house and another auction. One of Jager’s customers bought a coin at his auction and was sent an invoice for shipping of $7.05. “This […]

2 Houses, 2 Shipping Policies

Proxiblog believes APN clearance is mandatory for any auction house selling coins on Proxibid. We recommend to bidders to think twice about patronizing houses lacking APN clearance. However, we advise bidders not to do business with any house that lacks such clearance and uses outside venders like UPS to pack and ship. That means bidders […]

New House Vastly Overestimates Coin Values

We continue to see new houses on Proxibid believe they can guess at or exaggerate coin values in lot descriptions. This one, however, must believe in the hyped values, because he opens with a bid between 50-100% more than retail value of the coins. Retail value of a 1923 Peace Dollar is $52, not $300-$400 […]