Top consignors rely on sharp photography

It baffles us. Auctioneers usually will go the extra mile to earn an extra dollar, except when it comes to coin photography. Don’t they know that top consignors partner with houses that have mastered coin photography? Compare the luster of the 1883-CC Deep Mirror Prooflike, which we won from Fox Valley Auctions, with the photo […]

Back to the Past Collectibles Enhances Photography

We are as happy as the auctioneer when numismatic photography is enhanced at some of our favorite houses so that we can see varieties or devices clearly before placing our bids. Today we praise auctioneer C. Scott Lovejoy of “Back to the Past Collectibles” for working diligently to provide sharp, expandable photos for Proxibid viewers. […]

Capitol Coin Auction wins … “Best Photography”

Capitol Coin Auction does many things right, but perhaps what it does best is combine excellent digital photography with accurate numismatic descriptions. Only a relative handful of Proxibid auction houses showcase exemplary coin photography that captures detail, luster and color. Capitol Coin Auction does that better than anyone else on the portal. Here’s an example: […]

Midwest Coins Enhances Photography

We have said repeatedly that small changes can result in big gains in online auctions. Charles Commander at Midwest Coins heard us. (Click to expand all photos for detailed observation.) We trust Charles Commander at Midwest Coins, which is why we purchased the coin profiled in Coin World and depicted above. The photo did absolutely […]

“New Outbid Alert” Should Alert Houses to Value of Photography

Proxibid’s excellent new outbid alert will help raise bids as much as the technology overhaul last year with new bidder window and other live-auction features. But it also is a lesson to auctioneers to upgrade their photography and lot descriptions. The new feature is alluring in several respects. If you are notified about several outbid […]

Key Date Coins Wins … “Best Photography”

Key Date Coin Auctions, operated by Eddie Caven of Oklahoma City–a top-ranked house through much of 2012 on Proxiblog–has won the category of “Best Photography,” based on capturing the coin’s true condition and using as many shots as possible to make that happen. Once again, this was a vigorously contested category with Capitol Coin Auction, […]

Good Photography Requires Color

We have been noting the importance of sharp, expandable photos in online bidding for coins. Without quality numismatic photography, auctioneers cannot command top prices for their consignors. But there is another aspect to photography, and that is the ability to capture color. Toned coins can bring premium prices, as much as 10 times the lot’s […]

Sharp photography a wise investment

Clear, sharp expandable pictures online remain the best way to spark bids in coin auctions, especially if your close-up photograph is able to capture luster. Luster is one of the most difficult qualities to capture with a digital camera. The best way to depict luster, or the metallic shine and metal flow of a silver […]

Weaver, Bullock tie for “Best Photography”

Weaver Coin Auction and Matthew Bullock Auctioneers tie for best digital coin photos, featured on Proxibid. On occasion the data used in deciding our TOP AWARD winners are so close that we have to name a tie, in this case with two exceptional Honor Roll houses that have one thing in common: both listened to […]