EARLY WARNING: eBay shipping has it all over Proxibid

For the past several months Proxiblog, a major buyer on Proxibid for more than four years, has been bidding more on eBay and less on Proxibid. We analyzed the reasons, and they affect everyone–including our favorite sellers who know if you want to sell on Internet, you have to provide service, from APN clearance to […]

Don’t Double-Dip with Shipping Supplies

If you are charging bidders for shipping supplies, you cannot take a deduction for those supplies on your taxes. If you do, that’s double dipping. Whenever we see service terms like the one below, we hope the company is not double-dipping, charging bidders for packing supplies and then deducting those again on their income taxes […]

Shipping: You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

CLICK PHOTO TO EXPAND This auctioneer has baffled us with his “formula” for shipping. We cannot understand why shipping is such a big deal for many Proxibid auctioneers. The “formula” reads: We ship for the price quoted in the item description. We combine shipping using the following formula: add all item shipping quotes not including […]

SilverTowne, Capitol Auction Win … “Best Shipping”

SilverTowne Auction and Capitol Coin Auction win the shipping category because they send winnings to buyers without charging handling fees or higher fees for each additional lot (a practice that baffles us because the more lots a customer wins, the better for the house and Proxibid). We wish more Proxibid auctions can learn from SilverTowne […]

The Shipping Blues

What gives with shipping and certain Proxibid houses proclaiming “We are not in the shipping business”? You bet you are if you want to sell online, paying those Proxibid fees. We are even more befuddled by houses like the Proxibid one below that charges additional handling fees per coin! Geez, we thought the idea was […]

Seller Asks About Shipping: Installment #3

A new coin seller on Proxibid asked us pertinent questions about best practices, and we promised to share our opinion and to solicit yours in the comment section. Auctioneers look to this site for recommendations on how to sell, ship and improve their services. The more you and we share, the more bidders will be […]

Shipping Still an Issue with Some Auctioneers

There will be two kinds of auction houses in the near future–those that adapt to the Internet and accept changing times and those that close shop because they are too stubborn to adapt their businesses. Proxiblog takes some credit in helping coin auctioneers sharpen their photos and lot descriptions. We regularly tout best online practices, […]

Avoid Houses that Charge Per-Lot Shipping

“SHIPPING: We will use the best service possible. We charge a minimal fee for our staff to pack and wrap your items. $5 per lot for coins and jewelry or small items.” Look closely. This auction house charges $5 per coin. What’s the purpose of this besides making a profit on easily shipped items, especially […]

Capitol Coin Auction Wins … “Best Shipping”

Capitol Coin Auction, which already won our “Best Descriptions” Award, chalks up another in the Shipping category. Capitol Coin’s shipping policy is online-user-friendly: Shipping Instructions: The Buyer is responsible for the actual cost of shipping and insurance. If the item is heavy or if you wish to ship outside the USA, please contact us for […]

Liberty Shops Auction Offers 8% BP, Free Shipping

Liberty Shops Auctions is offering regular timed coin auctions with accurate lot descriptions, 8% online buyer’s premium and free shipping with coins sent within two days of auction. Liberty is one of the new coin specialists auctioning items on Proxibid. Terms are reminiscent of an eBay seller. Good selection of lots with some auctions like […]