Identify the variety in your lot descriptions


If a consignor sends you a 1972 double die obverse coin, even in a slab, it is worth noting that only Die 1 of the varieties is avidly collected because of the easily identified spread of the date. The one pictured here is the common Die 3. The difference in values is huge, with a gem Die 1 selling for $500 and up and a Die 3, about $50.


As explained in PCGS CoinFacts, to which every auctioneer should subscribe, the 1972-P Doubled Die Lincoln Cent Die 1 is readily visible to the eye. “There are over 10 different doubled dies for the 1972 Lincoln cent but only the Type 1 is considered major. … This variety is very popular and it is also strong enough to see very easily with the naked eye.”

Here’s a comparison so that you can see the much more significant spread in Die 1 vs. Die 3.


The Lincoln Cent Resource provides photos of all varieties of 1972 double dies.

Of course, some cent variety collectors will pay big money trying to complete a set of 1972 double dies. Die #4, very difficult to identify, looks like a regular 1972 cent with a slight variation in the double die. This is rare, not because of the spread, but because there are relatively few of this type and more collectors that want to complete the set.

The more you know about coins and their values, the more bidders will trust your judgment and return to your events as regular buyers.

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