Learn Proxibid Numismatic Techniques


The description above by a Proxibid auctioneer is misleading–perhaps not intentional–but that is beside the point. You can find similar misleading descriptions on eBay and other portals selling raw and slabbed coins. Part of being an expert grader is to know the various varieties and their worth. In this special Coin Update article, columnist Michael Bugeja shows you how. (Click to expand photo.)

The description cites the PCGS population report, noting there are only 16 such coins for this variety with none finer. A numismatist knows that this cannot be true for the much-coveted and popular 1972 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent, which has a retail value at MS65 of about $625. (One recently sold for that amount in a David Lawrence auction.) But let’s assume you don’t know that or how to find the information (the purpose of this post).

For the entire article, click here.


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