TOP Awards’ Judging Complete


“Top of Proxiblog” (TOP Awards) for 2013 will be announced beginning Jan. 1, 2014, with judging now complete and 20-some auction houses vying for best or honorable mentions in the categories below.

  • Most Improved
  • Best Descriptions
  • Best Photography
  • Best Consignments
  • Best Shipping
  • Best Timed Auction
  • Best Value-Added Auction
  • Best Coin Auction

Judging was difficult and, as much as possible, was based on our Honor Roll criteria:

  1. Accurate, complete and fair terms of service so that auctioneers and bidders know contractual obligations.
  2. Adherence to Unified User Agreement (all sales are NOT final if counterfeit).
  3. Clear, expandable pictures of obverse and reverse of coins so bidders can analyze flaws or identify varieties.
  4. Good customer service, including treating online bidders with same courtesy as onsite ones.
  5. No maximum bid or shill bidding, even when transparency notices are displayed by Proxibid.
  6. Reasonable buyer’s fee (15% or lower preferred) with APN clearance or PayPal link so bidders can pay with credit card without divulging card data to auction houses.
  7. Reasonable, quick shipping and handling fees without requiring bidders to contact third-party shippers.
  8. Regular, quality consignments devoid of mostly self-slabbed coins, junk silver, altered and polished coins, etc.
  9. Reasonably accurate numismatic descriptions, especially when selling junk coins noted above.
  10. Use of Proxibid technology, especially in live auctions, to enhance the bidding experience.

As such, we hope that these awards count for bidders looking to spend their online coin dollar wisely and auction houses looking to improve their sessions. Consignors also should take note. We only consign our own winnings with auction houses that honor the above tenets and that place in our TOP Awards.

Finally, our disclaimer: Viewers should accept our rankings and awards in such light as Proxiblog favorite sellers, very much like eBay; in other words, your experience may differ from ours. That said, we do hope the rankings and awards illustrate what we consider best practices, based on our national reputation in numismatics.

Stay tuned!


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