Look for Transparency Notices that, Ahem, aren’t Transparent


Click the above photo to see how transparency notices were displayed for this auction. We dislike companies that state in their service terms that they view maximum bids and allow shill bidding, illegal in some states. Proxibid gets around that by publishing “transparency notices.” Some of those notices are not transparent but buried in the service terms, as the above example documents.

We wish there was a “Report This Auction” hotlink to Proxibid to make complaints about issues like these or terms that violate the Unified User Agreement. The only recourse we have at times is through Proxiblog or by contacting Proxibid’s dedicated quality control and customer service personnel. They ALWAYS listen to concerns like these. And we appreciate them greatly as they have aided our bidders for years now when concerns like these are expressed.

This is how transparency notices should be displayed.


But we thought you’d like to know about this problem because it is apt to happen regularly with computer glitches being blamed.

eBay doesn’t allow shill bidding (see photo below). Sellers also cannot see maximum bids. PayPal also guarantees sale, especially if violations can be documented; eBay also provides eBay Bucks for discounts.

Click photo below to expand.


We think Proxibid would be enhanced by adopting some of these policies and worrying less about what the sales team thinks, putting stock (literally and figuratively) in its excellent quality control, customer service and promotional divisions. We also think it should award 1 Proxipoint for every dollar spent on the portal with discounts provided to top buyers. Instead, bidders contend with sellers worried about APN and credit card charges.

There are reasons why eBay is the top portal in the world. These are only a few reasons. That said, we do not support eBay but do patronize to the max (pun intended) our favorite sellers listed in the right sidebar, knowing that our experience may differ from yours.

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4 thoughts on “Look for Transparency Notices that, Ahem, aren’t Transparent

  1. Thank you for publishing this report. In recent months I have been “stung” twice by this type of nonsense and now avoid the auctions of these sellers. To
    avoid being sued I will not name them, but your commentary sure does hit their

  2. The UCC 2-328 (4): (4) If the auctioneer knowingly receives a bid on the seller’s behalf or the seller makes or procures such a bid, and notice has not been given that liberty for such bidding is reserved, the buyer may at his option avoid the sale or take the goods at the price of the last good faith bid prior to the completion of the sale.

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