“All of us here at Decatur Coin and Jewelry truly do offer a unique window into the retail coin collecting and jewelry space on the internet. In my world, I lead a group of (9) people doing what we each love doing, while serving others at the same time. It’s a pretty incredible way to ‘live’ this journey we have. Each of have a calling to ‘serve’ through our talents and the love of this industry, and through that process we give and receive a lot of joy.

“As true numismatists/coin collectors who operate a coin and jewelry shop, we appreciate these beautiful pieces of art and ‘live’ in that enjoyment every day. What we are doing on our website www.decaturcoinandjewelry.com, eBay and Proxibid is unlike what many are doing in the coin collecting arena. Every day of our lives, we pay it forward in the pursuit of attracting and growing ethical behavior through the fair and equitable exchange of relative value.

“In the shop we buy everything in every grade; however, when we are on the road at the numerous major coin shows, we buy only the top 2% of the grade for the coins we look at. They don’t have to be high priced–just high eye appeal for the grade. We are very strong buyers on coins that are well above average for the grade and frequently pay multiples of the current price guides.

“We will never be the cheapest or lowest price out there because we simply never buy anything ‘average’ at the shows we attend. My philosophy is to ‘buy our eyes’ as I have for over 40 years, and you will be rewarded with coins that few people will ever get to see–let alone get a chance to buy.”

Bennie Strumpher & the Decatur Coin and Jewelry Team

Decatur Coin and Jewelry
104 North Main
Decatur, IL 62523
Main: 217-423-0041


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