Find the Flaw!

Each of these coins has problems, resulting in our not placing a bid or placing a lowball bid. Some flaws are based on condition, altering, dipping, hairlines, rim dings or damage. Some coins have more than one flaw. If you can discern the flaw (or flaws) for each coin, post a comment. We’ll disclose flaws tomorrow.

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Check back tomorrow for answers. Happy grading!


2 thoughts on “Find the Flaw!

  1. im not to sure about expert grading here,i bought a coin through there auction house and was stated ms 65 ms 65+ for the coin I bought,went to get it graded and needless to say itdid not come back has a 65, lost hundreds of dollars.

    • We are happy that you are reading our “Find the Flaw” columns. We also grade individual auctions on their own grade descriptions in lots on Proxibid. A few auctioneers continue to hype self-slabbed coins that are only worth melt value, using PCGS retail values–an unethical and suspect combination. We’ll do more posts on grading. Many auction houses have good graders. We especially like Leonard Auction, Capitol Coin Auction, and SilverTowne when it comes to grading. Hope this helps.

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