No Silver Eagle Winner Yet! Identify the Variety, Win One!

Liberty Shops Auctions

Welcome to Liberty Trading Post!

Liberty Shops Auctions, also doing business as Liberty Trading Post, continues to set standards on Proxibid, the latest being the top seller! A newer top-ranked house on Proxiblog, auctioneer Sean Cook has helped his company win Honorable Mentions in our annual awards program for the best timed auction, the best value added, the best descriptions and the most improved.

Sean continues to innovate, with his latest being a focus on bidder confidence. He encourages bidders to know more about numismatics because he has seen too many purchasing altered, counterfeit and hyped coins on the portal. He also wants viewers to know more about numismatics. So he has issued a challenge with this sponsorship:

The first person registered on one of his coin auctions (for verification purposes only, as you don’t have to bid to win)–and to email him the correct answer to the question below–will receive an American Silver Eagle worth $36 retail.

    Question: Study the device depicted in this partial photo of a coin won in a Proxibid auction and inform Sean via this email the exact date and VAM designation of the coin. You can use Vamworld as a reference … unless you know the diagnostics by sight (and you should).


Proxiblog will reveal the date and VAM designation on Monday.

We also hope that you will visit Proxibid’s top seller, Liberty Shops Auction, which includes inexpensive shipping and ZERO buyer’s premium. A few other coin auctions have offered low or zero buyer’s fees, which we applaud! Liberty Shops Auction adds value to that with customer service, grading expertise and numismatic descriptions accompanied by expandable visuals so that bidders know what they are getting in word and photo.

Sean Cook also communicates quickly with bidders and focuses on customer service to get return bidders. His company’s values include warm, pleasant and friendly interaction.

If you are interested in bidding in or consigning to his auctions, or in visiting his online store, feel free to contact him at:


Sean Cook
Liberty Shops Auction Service
Vandalia, Illinois
618-283-9244 or 618-283-9156

Proxiblog thanks Sean Cook and Liberty Shops Auctions for sponsoring this week’s Proxiblog and for donating to our scholarship fund. While we welcome donations from our audience, Proxiblog invites high quality houses for sponsorship because we want to promote the best on Proxibid to our viewers.


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