Find the Flaw!

Each of these coins has problems, resulting in our not placing a bid or placing a lowball bid. Some flaws are based on condition, altering, dipping, hairlines, rim dings or damage. Some coins have more than one flaw. If you can discern the flaw (or flaws) for each coin, post a comment. We’ll disclose flaws tomorrow.








Check back tomorrow for answers. Happy grading!


2 thoughts on “Find the Flaw!

  1. Coin 1: Rim ding between states and of, also graffiti beside the 2. Coin 2: Bent with surface hairlines. Coin 3: deep corrosion with signs of dipping. Coin 4: Harshly cleaned with clearly visible swash marks, the coin also has some pitting on Liberty’s cap. Coin 5: Has what looks like a gouge on Liberty’s ear, some deep contact marks on the cheek, and possibly a staple scratch or graffiti in the bottom lettering. Coin 6: Harshly cleaned, with visible scratches. Coin 7: Looks to be polished or re-plated.

    • Thank you, Justin! We are so impressed with your lot descriptions on your auctions, Southwest Bullion and Coin. I’ll provide the answers tomorrow. Kudos!

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