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Liberty Shops Auctions

Welcome to Liberty Trading Post!

Liberty Shops Auctions, also doing business as Liberty Trading Post, continues to set standards on Proxibid, the latest being the top seller! A newer top-ranked house on Proxiblog, auctioneer Sean Cook has helped his company win Honorable Mentions in our annual awards program for the best timed auction, the best value added, the best descriptions and the most improved.

Sean continues to innovate, with his latest being a focus on bidder confidence. He encourages bidders to know more about numismatics because he has seen too many purchasing altered, counterfeit and hyped coins on the portal. So he has issued a challenge with this sponsorship:

The first person registered on one of his coin auctions (for verification purposes only, as you don’t have to bid to win)–and to email him the correct answer to the question below–will receive an American Silver Eagle worth $38 retail.

    Background: In 2007, the public’s ire arose at the suggestion that the US Mint was producing a “Godless Dollar.” Click here to read a CBS News story about that. The public outcry was so intense that the Congress passed a bill mandating that “In God We Trust” no longer appear on edge lettering but on the face of the coin, which the government began minting in that manner in 2009. Turns out that as many as 50,000 2007 Washington Presidential dollars, out of a mintage of more than 300 million, lacked edge lettering that stated “In God We Trust,” a motto appearing on US circulating coinage since the two-cent 1864 coin. But around this date the United States considered a transitional pattern coin that not only preceded and therefore lacked the motto, but also lacked the name of the country.


    Question: What transitional pattern coin, which hobbyists still collect as part of a series, not only lacks “In God We Trust” but also “The United States of America,” making it a Godless Exile coin?

Proxiblog will reveal the problem on Monday.

We also hope that you will visit Proxibid’s top seller, Liberty Shops Auction, which includes inexpensive shipping and ZERO buyer’s premium. Sean Cook communicates quickly with bidders and focuses on customer service to get return bidders. His company’s values include warm, pleasant and friendly interaction.

If you are interested in bidding in or consigning to his auctions, or in visiting his online store, feel free to contact him at:


Sean Cook
Liberty Shops Auction Service
Vandalia, Illinois
618-283-9244 or 618-283-9156

Proxiblog thanks Sean Cook and Liberty Shops Auctions for sponsoring this week’s Proxiblog and for donating to our scholarship fund. While we welcome donations from our audience, Proxiblog invites high quality houses for sponsorship because we want to promote the best on Proxibid to our viewers.


One thought on “Proxiblog is sponsored by

  1. Thanks for your always informative blog. You may get other comments regarding your contest sponsor Liberty Shops, specifically their customer service and shipping speed, but I will respectfully refuse to participate in this contest while Liberty sponsors it. I have opened a case with Proxibid but I have been greatly disappointed by their support.

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