NO WINNER YET: Guess what is wrong, and win an Eagle!


Welcome to Star Coin and Currency!

Star Coin ranks as one of our top sites. Auctioneer numismatist Jim Haver has improved his sessions dramatically over the past year, earning honorable mentions in three categories (Best Descriptions, Best Shipping, and Best Timed Auctions). Star Coin has been selling coins and currency online for more than 12 years. As Jim explains, “Everyday we strive to provide trusted service that exceeds expectations. Whether you are a new collector or looking to fill a rare key date our goal is to make your experience with us a positive one.”

Jim wants more bidders to know common problems with coins so that they do not waste their hobby dollars. In that light, he challenges Proxiblog viewers to study the coin below and then email him the primary issue with the depicted lot and why you think so. The first to do so will win a Silver Eagle! Before you provide the answer, be sure to register first in his Feb. 24 timed auction (you don’t have to bid to win). Email your answer to


Jim is always looking to acquire interesting coins and banknotes for consignment or outright purchase. You can contact him via this link.

Proxiblog thanks Jim Haver and Star Coin and Currency for sponsoring this week’s Proxiblog and for donating to our scholarship fund. We welcome donations from our audience. Proxiblog invites high quality houses for sponsorship because we want to promote the best on Proxibid to our viewers.


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