Silver Eagle Won Within Hours


An astute viewer took up our and Auctioneer Sean Cook’s challenge of identifying the primary flaw of the above picture, an 1879-CC Trade Dollar, a counterfeit coin in as much as the last circulating Carson City trade dollar was minted in 1878.

Trade dollars were minted for export as the US Government needed a large silver coin to compete with the Mexican 8 Reales. Trade dollars weighed 420 grains, a little heavier than the Morgan dollar.

Business strike trade dollars were minted from 1873-78. They have the distinction of being a popular counterfeit coin, flooding the US market from China. Other coins often counterfeited are quarter eagle and $3 gold pieces. These typically come from the Middle East and were sold to tourists there during the 1960s. California fractional gold made of brass or gold plate ranks as one of the most abundant fake coins because they have been manufactured in the US continuously from the 1880s to this day.

Within a few hours of our post, a Proxibidder (D****7), who registered on Liberty Shops Auctions, wrote:

“Love your auctions, zero buyers premium and lots of value in the coins. I believe that the trade dollar is a fake. It looks like a business strike but, they only made proof trade dollars in 1879. That coin does not have proof like surfaces. So either it was heavily dipped to remove proof surfaces or it is a fake. Either way it is not worth much more than any silver content. Thanks for the contest.”

When informed that he was the winner, as the last Carson City trade dollar was minted in 1878, D****7 added, “Thank you Sean and Michael. Almost all of what I learned about examining and grading coins at auction, I learned from Proxiblog. Hope that both of you keep up the great work.”

We are so grateful to Sean Cook and Liberty Shops Auction for sponsoring this Silver Eagle giveaway to promote grading and coin-buying skills. If you are an auctioneer and would like to arrange a free-giveaway sponsorship, please write to Proxiblog at this address.

Congratulations to D++++7 and to all who sent in answers to Sean Cook. Watch for more such sponsorships from Liberty Shops Auction!


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