Midwest Coins offers 0% seller fees for new consignors

midwest coins

We’re always on the lookout for innovative auctioneers. We also advocate for better consignments. Charles Commander of Midwest Coins accomplishes both with this promotion.

Charles Commander has created the promotion with the hobby in mind, extending to collectors and dealers the opportunity “to rid themselves of the duplicates, under graded, or to those who just need to clean out the closet.”

“There are guys who sit and bid at the many auction sites online or live in their hometowns who don’t realize how easy it is to consign and play the field from the other side,” Commander says. “By offering 0% fees to new consignors, we hope to encourage them to offer up some of the coins they no longer need and sell them to someone who does.

“The best part is the low risk factor–zero percent fees–and then the collector can then spend some of that new-found money on an upgrade or two in their collection or take their better half out on a nice dinner.”

The 0% fees is for new consignors and does not include a minimum submission.

Those wishing to contact Midwest Coins should telephone Charles at (319) 795-2148 or (319) 520-5091. Or you can email him at Charles@Midwestcoins.net

NOTE: If you are an auctioneer and have a special offer or promotion, feel free to email us at mjbugeja@yahoo.com.


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