Hit and Miss Bargains

As the new year begins, we’re close to making a resolution to cease bidding in Proxibid auctions whose sessions lack sharp photography. On the one hand, we patronize some of these auctions because we trust or know the auctioneer, in this case, Scott Hall of Hall’s Auction, a fair man and also a numismatist with good grading skills. Problem is, ours are better, and we need sharper photos to make wise consumer decisions.

First, a disclaimer: Consider this post a review and our observations, fair comment. Your experience bidding in this or any auction, on Proxibid, eBay or other portal, may differ from ours. That said, below we will share Hall’s Proxibid photos and ours, taken with a two-year-old $150 Nikon digital camera. You can see what we won for what amount and whether we should or should not have bid, had we sharper photos able to capture more detail and luster. We’ll share our opinion, and it is only that, after each photo shoot. (Click on any photo for a larger version.)

PROXIBID PHOTO: 1882-O won with a $40 bid


We bid on this lot because the reverse looked to us like an 1882 O/S variety. It wasn’t. Score this a miss.



For the rest of the article, click here.


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