Grading Capitol Coin Auction

We will run occasional grading checks on Proxibid auctions so you can see how we bid based on condition. These coins are from Mascari Auction Company’s October timed sessions. We grade on PCGS standards as found on Photograde, admittedly more conservative than grading of most auctioneers but still the standard in numismatics. Click pictures below to expand.

We call a coin:

    “Gem Uncirculated” if will grade at NGC or PCGS at the MS65 or higher level. We agree with this grade. Capitol says this could grade MS66 or higher. We also agree. The luster is perfect and the fields have no discernible bag or contact marks. Strike is reasonably strong. We’re bidding.

    “Uncirculated” if will grade at NGC or PCGS at the MS60-62 level. Capitol says this looks low uncirculated; we agree, taken more by burnt orange color of 2-cent pieces that often indicate mint state. We’re bidding.

    “MINT STATE or UNCIRCULATED” if it would grade MS60-63. This is one of those unrecognized slabs that routinely call uncirculated coins MS66 or higher. Capitol calls it correctly. This is not MS66 but more like MS62.

    Almost Uncirculated” if it would grade AU50-58. We agree with this grade. Look at the hair above Lady Liberty’s ear. That’s slightly worn, indicating an AU58. But the milk spots on the reverse trouble us, hurting eye appeal. We won’t bid on this one.

    “AU55” if it shows wear on an otherwise well-struck planchet with devices clear and distinct. This has all of that, but also exhibits what Capitol identifies as “cabinet rub.” As the name suggests, this occurs when a coin is kept in a drawer or other box and slides on the box surface over time. Cabinet rub is difficult to detect. We would have missed this had Capitol not pointed it out.

    EXTRA FINE” if it would grade XF40-45. We put this at XF45 and agree with this grade.

    VALUE ADDED” if the auctioneer lists multiple grades in a coin lot. Capitol does here, and we agree with each grade.

    VALUE ADDED” if the auctioneer identifies alteration. Capitol believes this coin is puttied, one of the worst alterations that essentially renders a silver dollar as melt.

    VALUE ADDED” if the auctioneer corrects consignor mistakes and provides a full description of what a lot contains. Once again, our hat’s off to Capitol Coin Auction.

    “Very Good” if the coin grades VG8-10. We agree with this grade and will bid, as there is no indication of cleaning.

    “Good” if the coin grades G4-6. We agree with this grade and but also see faint remnants of PVC, which MS70 coin cleaner might not be able to remove as it does not work well on copper. We’re not bidding.

    Generally, in our subjective but nonetheless expert opinion, we feel Capitol Coin Auction continues its reputation as one of the best coin graders in Brad Lisembee in the business. We are excited every time we see a Capitol Coin Auction on Proxibid because we can bid high and even get a cash discount on some of the best estate auctions on the portal. Capitol at times catches flaws that we miss. Its photography is excellent. Its shipping inexpensive and secure. This is the standard that every coin auctioneer should strive for in professionalism and service.

    As noted, grading is in part subjective, and is difficult to do via online photographs. Our designations are based on how we bid and why. Thus, the overall grade on Capitol Coin Auction grading based on our criteria: A+.

    Proxiblog is an independent entity with no connection to the auction portal Proxibid. Our intent is to uphold basic numismatic standards as established by the American Numismatic Association and the National Auctioneer Association and to ensure a pleasurable bidding experience not only on Proxibid but also on similar portals such as iCollector and AuctionZip.


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