Guide to Online Coin Bidding and Buying, Part III

This is the last in a three-part series that focuses on grading. We disclose how to buy and bid–or not–in online sessions, which may contain altered coins, hyped lots and no-return policies, requiring bidders to know the fine points about grading and other numismatic effects that impact condition.

We share this on Proxiblog because auctioneers can benefit, too, by understanding numismatic standards when they receive low quality consignments.

In this last post, we look at troublesome coins including altered and counterfeit ones.

As in the previous posts (part I and part II), these coins were offered on Proxibid where numismatic standards mostly are determined by auctioneers rather than by the seller or portal. However, those with numismatic knowledge can score high-quality coins on Proxibid; those with little knowledge, can lose big bucks, as some of these pitfall photos below indicate.

Our last coin in the first installment was numbered as #16. We begin with #17 in our consecutively numbered online guide.

For the rest of the article, click here.


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