Feedback Loops

It’s a simple idea, but long in coming to Proxibid, and that is a feedback box where bidders can inform the company’s quality control about their experience with an auction house.

We like the idea of badges, especially the one that notes the smallest complaint rate on the portal. But we’re not too convinced that customer service gets all the complaints that happen on Proxibid, particularly because the company does not showcase an online prominently displayed feedback box.

We also like the badges that Proxibid is designating to certain auctions. That’s a big step, and it sets the company apart from others. But Proxibid can go further.
With a feedback box, all those badges, including the strategic partnership Gold Ribbon, would truly mean something because Proxibid would have evidence–patterns of service, abuse, or practice.

Our rankings in the sidebar to the right are meaningful because they are based on experience. When we get complaints about some of the auctions, we respond accordingly in the monthly rankings. When we get praise, we also respond positively. Our experiences also count. We think two auctions are viewing bids and not carrying a transparency notice. We got coins billed as uncirculated that were sliders worth a fraction of cost. Then again we won wonderful lots from Western Auction, Key Date Coins, Capitol Auction and Leonard Auction last month, bidding with confidence and often scoring lower than our maximums because of the company’s best practices.

Now that’s something to tout!


2 thoughts on “Feedback Loops

  1. It has been a while since I have posted a blog with you; I have a few simple thoughts:
    1) We have to be careful to not push PROXIBID into another eBay like system! We are auctioneers that make selling over the internet a part of our business. Bidders need to be aware of this.
    2) There are less than 20 auction companies that have 5 or more badges, I happen to be one of them. We are honored by PROXIBIDS badge program to have earned these. But like with everything as it is made up of snapshots into a company’s history. There are many other company’s working towards being recognized for their hard work as well, having from one badge to four at this time. I look forward to auctioneers with a partnership with PROXIBID to having many and striving to be the best they can be.
    3) PROXIBID has changed the online auction industry with recent changes, a) if an auctioneer wants to see the high bid, and it is denoted. B) If the company wants to bid on the items they are selling, it is noted. I would not buy from most online auction sites other than PROXIBID as to my knowledge the rest allow for this inofrmation to be available to the auctioneer.
    4) Bidders and sellers alike need to buy and consign to the auction companies with proven high standards by PROXIBIDS staff. Coins are inexpensive to ship; terms for selling cannot be worlds apart from the different auction companies. Sellers too, need to be honest, an auctioneer has to have trust in what they are told as well.
    In closing, let’s be careful with this great resource for buying and selling ‘PROXIBID’, report auction companies as needed, stop buying from those who have HONESTLY’ done you wrong. Support those of us who care for all parties involved with the auction experience: sellers, bidders, and yes their own interest. With companies like us, a fair auction will always be conducted.

  2. Thanks for writing, Ron. We’re proposing a one-way feedback loop, not an eBay let everyone see everything loop. There’s a reason for this. We have personally alerted Proxibid to spurious practices on the portal, and to Proxibid’s credit, once alerted, it took action. But what is worrisome, and more than you cover in your good response–which has many valid points–is that we get complaints about auction houses that have badges, several of them. We have made the decision not to publish those comments, even though we can attest that the complaint was legitimate because we had undergone a similar experience. We always keep in mind that auctioneers are working two crowds, typically, the onsite and online bidders. We always give the benefit of the doubt to the auction house.

    Proxiblog is doing everything that you’re asking Proxibidders to do in your last paragraph.

    We think Proxibid is the most proactive portal in the business, and we credit Jason Nielsen for much of that. But it still has far to go in the selling of coins:

    1. Never allow timed auctions to see maximum bids and ghost bid. There is plenty of this going on without any transparency notices with off-site bidders working on behalf of the company.

    2. Acknowledge the bidder. Ebay gives eBay bucks, Teletrade gives gold rewards, Proxibid offers a prize now and then. You know that we are among the strongest bidders on Proxibid, and we get is credit card bills and email blasts to spend more.

    3. Allow one-way feedback so that Proxibid is aware of what is going on and what the issues are online. Internet demands transparency. If Proxibid doesn’t provide it, bidders will go elsewhere.

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