Proxiblog Boos eBay–Booyah!

Proxiblog viewers are used to our most popular page, and that is, “Boos and Booyahs!” Have you ever wondered how auctioneer counterparts on eBay would fare if your trusted numismatist spent a week on that portal and recorded some Boos? Now you can find out.

What amazed us in our time on eBay was how awful some lot descriptions actually were–as off-the-mark as anything on Proxibid–despite eBay having strict rules about what holders and grades can be mentioned in the title and lot description and a general ban on replica coins.

You can read a full report at Coin Update News by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Proxiblog Boos eBay–Booyah!

  1. Sellers on eBay and on Proxibid need more honesty in their listings. I have had poor experiences on both, but continue to use both due to the variety of their listings. On eBay, simply having thousands of ratings means nothing. The coin is the key, learn to grade and try to judge given the photos provided. The seller hype I totally avoid on all sites.

    One seller consistently has coins that are “PQ” so I guess he is so much better in obtaining coins than other sellers he believes his prices (always high) are correct.

    The novice today is at a huge disadvantage. The ratings you give sellers assists me in selecting those whose listings I will check. I also have my own “avoid at all times” listing of sellers who are less than open and/or terrible graders.

  2. I just was notified that two lots where I was the high bidder for Silvertowne were sold by the auctioneer to another bidder.  Since my bid was on-line and fist – why is my question.  I thought this auction house was above board on this type of stuff.   Dick Fee


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