“We decided to charge 10% buyer’s premium a year or so ago because we have streamlined our processes. In addition, we use BP to offset additional costs to our clients (sellers) and not as a profit center as some other companies do.

“Even at 10%, a buyer will divide the amount by 1.1 to come up with the maximum price they will pay for an item. 10% is EASY compared to the 15-18% and up that some companies charge. Now granted, everyone has their rationale for how and what they charge, so I am not chastising anyone with these comments. We choose to go our own way.”

Darron Meares, MBA, CAI, MPPA, BAS
COO – Meares Auction Group
Meares Auction Group
315 Eastview Road
Pelzer, SC 29669


Main: 864-947-2000
Alternate: 800-689-5654
Fax: 864-947-1717


2 thoughts on “

  1. Great comment and for one, I appreciate the lower cost which allows me to bid higher and win more lots.

  2. Here, here! I wish other auctioneers would read your comment, Dick. Rather than playing it safe with high fees, they could spark more competition by being competitive themselves!

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