“In these more difficult economic times we are going to offer all buyers the chance to purchase key or semi-key date coins at an affordable price. The grades won’t be as high but neither will the cost. We are not lowering our standards, just offering an alternative venue.”

Internet Buyer’s Premium: 10%, 5% $20 gold and one-ounce bullion
Shipping: USPS flat fee plus $5 handling
No maximum-bid viewing, no consignor/auctioneer bidding


Cheryl Weaver on “Budget Collector Auctions”
Weaver Signature Coin and Currency Auctions
Email: weavercoin@yahoo.com


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  1. As a collector I have certain “standards” I adhere to. (Proxiblog editor: Watch for a post next week on Dick Fee’s standards, which all bidders and auctioneers should read.)

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