Proxiblog this week was sponsored by

Auctions Unlimited!

(Check out Auction Unlimited’s next coin auction Saturday, May 26, at 5 p.m. central)

Auctions Unlimited of Shreveport, LA, is a full-time family-owned operation with complete auctioneering services. Proxiblog has praised Auctions Unlimited as a trusted site with a low Internet buyer’s fee, regular coin consignments and good lot descriptions. While Debra Johnson, auctioneer, acknowledges that she is not highly experienced in the coin world, she does have excellent consignors that guarantee all of their coins and accepts returns on any coin that is not as described. In addition, Debra provides super fast shipping. Normally the coins are packed up on the Monday following the Saturday night auction and shipped out on Tuesday.

Debra is a graduate of the Missouri Auction School and has advanced this innovative house on the values of honest, reputable service. Debra is avid about continuing education in the auctioneering business and so has made a successful transition to the Internet, respecting both onsite and online bidders. She works hard for her consignors but also ensures that the consignments are top-quality, especially when it comes to coins. She relies on return bidders and so does her best to make each session fun and exciting.

A key to the success of Auctions Unlimited not only includes values and business savvy, but also the manner in which Debra and her staff treat clients and customers. She believes in interpersonal communication, which includes willingness to meet with potential consignors in person or talk with them on the phone. Debra also uses her communication skills to advertise auctions via local and digital platforms.

Debra’s staff not only works hard for clients and bidders but also takes pride in photography. Visit her photo gallery for samples or drop her an email at

We thank Debra Johnson and Auctions Unlimited for sponsoring Proxiblog’s scholarship fund to help ease student debt and create the next generation of auction-house bidders! If you would like to sponsor a week’s worth of Proxiblog, email

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