Pet Peeve of the Week

It pains us to see slabs like this proclaiming MS66 Superb Gem status. A Morgan dollar with such a designation is breath-taking and can sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our compliments to this auction house for noting that the coin is cleaned. (It also appears scratched.)

We value auction houses like this that identify flaws in over-graded coins, but we recommend grouping such coins into one miscellaneous lot–“silver mix”–rather than showcasing them with three or more photos.</font?

Click to expand picture and see a comparison of self-slabbed vs. PCGS MS66 1890-S Morgans.


6 thoughts on “Pet Peeve of the Week

  1. did you know in 2012 a penny cost 5 cents to make and a nickel cost a whole dime to make. So they r gonna start mkanig coins out of cheeper metals so coins from even the 70 s or 80 s will be worth more.

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