Weaver Regains Top Ranking

Weaver Auction has regained our top spot, but two other houses essentially are in a virtual tie.

New rankings are getting more difficult to assess, with a virtual tie between three top houses–Weaver Signature Coin and Currency Auction, Western Auction and Silvertowne. Each have special qualities. Weaver is among the most innovative and competitive. Western’s consignments and photos are among the best on the portal. Silvertowne has more coin auctions than any of our top houses with expert lot descriptions.

Engstrom Auction is not far behind in all categories. We especially prize the company’s feedback loop in a commitment for continuous improvement.

United Country–Shobe Auction has broken into our top 10. Its low buyer’s fees (12.5%) among other customer-friendly terms are highlights of its auctions. We hope it features more coin auctions, as that is a consideration now in our rankings.

Gerritsen Auctions, Auctions Unlimited, Bennett Auction Service, Back to the Past Pop Culture Warehouse, and Brian’s Auction Service are among newcomers to our rankings and always worth a look.

We include some houses that see maximum bids or allow consignor/auctioneer bidding in our top 20. We exclude them from the top 10. While we purchase frequently from these houses because of their consignments, we feel they do not need to allow these questionable practices.

Also, it is important to note that some of the best coin auctions on Proxibid have higher buying fees for Internet bidders, such as Leonard Auction and Capitol Coin Auction. But they make up for that with superior service, expert grading and excellent consignments. You should check out those and other auctions on Proxibid, always reading terms of service before placing a bid.

Proxiblog is an independent entity with no connection to the auction portal Proxibid. Our intent is to uphold basic numismatic standards as established by the American Numismatic Association and the National Auctioneer Association and to ensure a pleasurable bidding experience not only on Proxibid but also on similar portals such as iCollector and AuctionZip.


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