Cameos and Mirrors

Only a few Proxibid auctioneers have the numismatic skill to correctly identify a “DMPL” (deep mirror) Morgan dollar. We discussed that previously in this post. A DMPL, however, is easier to determine than ultra cameo on a Franklin half. The article below explains how to do both … and accurately describe your choice and pricey lots.

Do you know your Cameos from Mirrors?

Cameos have to do with proofs, and Mirrors with mint state. Cameos are an especially important condition with Franklin Half Dollars, and mirrors with Morgan dollars. So let’s use those denominations as examples and acquaint ourselves with how the top grading companies distinguish their various designations–Cameo Proof, Deep/Ultra Cameo Proof and Deep Mirror Prooflike.

Of the two sets of designations, Prooflike and Deep Mirror rely less on numismatic experience and subjectivity. That’s because both conditions can be tested according to set standards.

For the rest of the article, click here.


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