Proxiblog this week was sponsored by

Engstrom Auction

Engstrom Auction is one of the most innovative houses on Proxibid. The company solicits customer feedback, features accurate lot descriptions and provides some of the best numismatic photography on the portal. Engstrom Auction, committed to continuous improvement, always showcases something new and exciting in its Proxibid sessions.

Engstrom Auction aspires to give customers “the best experiences possible when utilizing our services.”

Some of the company’s recent changes include:

  • Processing of credit cards within 24 hours after an auction and shipping the next day, a wonderful courtesy to bidders eager to inspect their winning lots.
  • A commitment to ever sharper and expandable photographs, so that bidders can have a good idea about condition, luster and variety.
  • Use of streaming video to convey the excitement of an auction to online bidders, with customers asked for feedback on the best camera angles to view lots.

These are just a few of the innovations that Engstrom is making, and we’re bound to see more. This is a chief reason why Engstrom Auctions has consistently been a top-rated house on Proxiblog, currently 4th in a very competitive field of auctioneers who also are numismatists.

You can see how helpful Engstrom Auction is to bidders and sellers alike by viewing articles on its home page. This article shares tips on buying at an auction. This article shares tips on selling at an auction.

For more information, visit Engstrom Auctions online or view this page for contact data.

We thank Engstrom Auctions for sponsoring Proxiblog’s scholarship fund to help ease student debt and create the next generation of auction-house bidders!


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