Identify consignor’s inflated grades


Pet Peeve of the Week: This auctioneer knows coins and still goes with the consignor’s inflated grade. This coin is not GEM uncirculated but has hairlines and is not grade-worthy. We know photographing coins takes time. But we also know you can do better for the online crowd photographing coins accurately (especially when we can with a $199 camera). To top if off, we know you can grade as you deal regularly with coins. Given all of that, please correct consignor’s exaggerated claims in future auctions, or you’ll be losing regular customers.

Tip for other bidders: Compare your coins to what the consignor wrote on the flip, what the auctioneer wrote in the Proxibid description and, when you receive the coin, what you believe the true grade actually is. To help you in this exercise, go to PCGS Photograde Online.


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