Proxiblog this week was sponsored by

Scott Auctions

a leading auction company located in Stephens City, Virginia, has been top-ranked on Proxiblog since our site’s inception. Owner Scott Strosnider was among the first Proxibid auctioneers to take advantage of US flat rate shipping, sending winning lots inexpensively, quickly and safely for little more than $10.

Like so many of our top houses, Scott Auction is a multigenerational family business. Scott’s Father, auctioneer Leon W. Strosnider, has been calling auctions for over 42 years. Scott has been beside him all the time since childhood, running clerk sheets and then becoming leading “ringman.”

SCOTT AUCTIONS specializes in:

  • Coin & Collectibles
  • Farm Auctions of any size
  • Large Annual Fairgrounds Consignment Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions & conventional brokage service
  • Private Buying of Real Estate & Personal

Scott Strosnider is known in the auctioneering business as one of the most generous sharers of best practices, especially on Internet. Proxiblog knows at least a half dozen coin auctioneers who have consulted with him on best practices. He is known for traveling across the country as a PRI Certified Independent Ringman, working auctions for newcomers to the business needing hands-on training in the competitive auctioneering tradition.

Proxibid coin buyers should check out his online only and onsite/Internet auctions with no reserves and high quality lots. For those wishing to secure his services, for auctions or consultations, contact Scott Strosnider @ SCOTT AUCTIONS (540)877-7182.

We thank Scott Auctions for sponsoring Proxiblog’s scholarship fund to help ease student debt and create the next generation of auction-house bidders!


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