Shipping Policies Influence Internet Sales

Inexpensive, quick shipping is one of the Honor Roll requirements at Proxiblog. We’re showcasing four proactive shipping policies and four we hadn’t seen before.

Before Amazon got its shipping policies in order, it lost money. Same goes for other successful Internet portals. Proxibid depends on auctioneers to satisfy online bidders after a sale. Internet sales rely on convenient use of credit cards with sharp photography and, most important, reliable shipping. Some Proxibid houses understand this.

Case in point: Weaver Signature Coin and Currency Auction, our top house, is running a special in March: A flat $9 insured shipping fee with no handling charges–no matter how much you buy!

Unlike Weaver auction and a few others featured here, some Proxibid houses have not come around quite yet to the importance of shipping when doing business online.

Below are a sampling of policies. Which ones do you think would entice business from Internet coin buyers?

One of the most concise shipping policies–plus other bidder-friendly features–comes from Charles Commander at Midwest Coins:

  • 15% Buyers Premium – CASH OR CREDIT!!! $10 FLAT RATE FEE TOTAL- NOT PER LOT, for shipping/handling/ and packaging costs, includes insurance, 1 WEEK SHIPPING(US only)! COINS/CURRENCY WANTED! Want to consign? Call today! 319-520-5091 CHARLES COMMANDER

Scott Strosnider was among first to use the flat rate shipping policy. His Scott Auction policy ranks among the best on Proxibid, especially when he is featuring a huge bullion, bar and junk silver coin sale, as he did earlier this month. If those pounds of metal fit, they ship from Scott inexpensively, and with insurance, too.


Rolling M Auctions also ranks among the most reasonable on the portal. Mark Murphy’s regular monthly auctions are enhanced not only by consignments but by quick shipping as well.

  • Shipping Instructions: United States Postal Service, Priority Flat Rate. $11.00-includes shipping, packing & handling, delivery confirmation & Insurance.

Western Auction has a reasonable shipping rate that increases with amount purchased. Dave Zwonitzer’s main concern is ensuring that your coins arrive as securely as possible.

  • Shipping Instructions: Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. If less than 5 coins are purchased then the freight will be $6.00 and if five or more are purchased then the total freight will be $15.00. If the total purchases are more than $500.00 then an additional $10.00 will be added and the package will be sent registered mail.

Here are some newer shipping policies that we read before deciding whether to bid–a practice we highly recommend for newcomers to the portal.

Tonya Cameron Auctions, like several on the portal, rely on third-party shippers, even though the house has APN clearance, an issue we have written about before on Proxiblog.

  • Shipping Instructions: We do not Ship. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. We have had good results with A.J. Yanakakis at the UPS Store 15 Lincoln Street, Wakefield, MA -781-224-2500 or fax -781-224-2566 email Buyer can also arrange independant shipper of his / her choice.

We were curious about the shipping policy at Bidder USA, which designated the fee (per lot) in each item description in a recent auction. Click picture to expand. We telephoned and were told that typically with smalls like coins the auctioneer would bundle low-value items so that shipping was much more reasonable.

  • There will be a $5.00 shipping fee per item. All total purchases over $100 will receive free shipping.

We have patronized Hampton House before and had our items shipped, so this below policy also caught our collective eye.

  • Shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Our staff my assist but is not responsibile for packing, handling, or shipping your purchases. Invoice must be paid in full before orders will be shipped. Actual Shipping costs will be charged to credit card separately and are non-refundable. Funds for payments made by check must clear before order can be shipped. Items are shipped in the order that full payment is received. NOTE: Due to Amount of Items Sold in Our Auctions It May Take 7-14 Days For the Items to be Shipped From When Payment Is Received. Your shipper will be required to produce identification and authorization from you to have your property released to them as your agent.

On the other hand, United Country River Bend did try to make an exception for coins, as this policy indicates below.

  • Merchandise will be shipped via USPS. We have stated in previous auctions that we do not ship via postal service however we are making an exception with coins and jewelry. All other items will be taken to the UPS Store in Beckley for shipping. Purchasers are solely responsible for all shipping and handling charges. Do not bid if you are not willing to pay ALL the shipping charges as your credit card on file will be charged for the items regardless. PLEASE NOTE FOR THIS AUCTION A $3.00 HANDLING FEE PER PACKAGE WILL APPLY TO THE PURCHASER FOR ALL SHIPMENTS BY THE US POSTAL SERVICE IN ADDITION TO THE POSTAGE AND INSURANCE CHARGES.

Of course we realize that shipping can be a hassle. We ship items to our customers, too, in addition to sending coins to slabbing companies and consigments to auctioneers. But few services are as essential in the Internet business than inexpensive, safe, quick shipping. As for the hundreds of bidders reading Proxiblog, we strongly encourage you to read shipping policies of all houses and patronize those that meet our Honor Roll criteria.

Proxiblog is an independent entity with no connection to the auction portal Proxibid. Our intent is to uphold basic numismatic standards as established by the American Numismatic Association and the National Auctioneer Association and to ensure a pleasurable bidding experience not only on Proxibid but also on similar portals such as iCollector and AuctionZip.


2 thoughts on “Shipping Policies Influence Internet Sales

  1. You guys are hitting the nail on the head with the issues you are grabbing up. I find it difficult to swallow when an auctioneer wants 20% of the hammer price and then basically tells you that you are on your own as far as receiving the merchandise you just bought.
    I have to shout out kudos’ to K&K auctions in Rochester MN. I have received over a dozen packages from them in the last 2 months, some of them awkward and some fairly heavy and have yet to have any complaints over the quality of the packaging or the prices they charge.
    I think that some established auction houses are having trouble understanding the shift from brick and mortar sales and having the entire country as a bidding audience.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you as always for your input. Yes, K&K is one of our Honor Roll houses and does a fine job. Your comment is on target about moving from brick and mortar sales!

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