Auctioneer Advisory: Beware of Misuse of PCGS Brand

In the past, the Price Guide of top coin-holdering company Professional Coin Grading Service has been misused by Proxibid auctioneers, citing those values for raw or self-slabbed coins. Now we have seen another problem in Proxibid auctions.

The latest infraction involves use of the PCGS Photograde (TM) Online and corporate trademark on labels of coins by entities not associated in any way with the company. Worse, some of those labels cite recommended values seemingly based on the PCGS Price Guide–a double infraction.

If you are selling those lots, take heed.

Anyone creating labels that misuse the PCGS brand risks legal action. PCGS rightfully protects its trademark and services not only because they rank among the best in the business but also because the company takes pride in its guides, services and good corporate name. If PCGS learns about such lots, the company immediately contacts its lawyers.

The PCGS Photograde (TM) Online guide is a great resource for auctioneers evaluating the potential worth and grade of coins. But that evaluation is yours, not PCGS’s. If you use the guide, do not cite it, as this gives the false impression that the company supports your designation and value. Furthermore, do not use the Photograde (TM) Online guide as an excuse to cite the PCGS Price Guide value, whether you mention the company or not. Those values only apply to properly evaluated and holdered PCGS coins.


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