Proxiblog Grows: 100th Post, 7000 Viewers, New Rankings

Proxiblog will be taking a short hiatus for Thanksgiving, with new posts forthcoming next week after the holiday. We take this occasion to thank our viewers, bidders, auctioneers and Proxibid employees for continuous improvement in the online coin auction business. We’re rooting for all of you!

Proxiblog has posted 100 articles, features, updates and news items since May 2011, and our Honor Roll lists have grown from 11 to 65 in that time. We’ve seen houses such as Weaver’s Signature Coin and Currency Auction, Western Auction, and Silvertowne (among others) attract quality consignments and innovate in the competitive spirit of auctioneering. If we played a small role in that, we’re grateful, because we truly desire win-win situations for bidder, seller and auctioneer in the numismatic trade.

We also are grateful for the many friendships we have made with auctioneers who solicit our advice on a weekly basis. We know how hard you are working during this questionable economic time and appreciate your Honor Roll integrity and service.

We have logged our 7000th viewer, indicating that our recommendations have proved worthy on the whole, and we are thankful for that as well.

Our top auction houses continue to innovate and experiment to attract more online and onsite participation, and we marvel at how detailed the lot descriptions have become and how sharp the photography.

We also know how dedicated Proxibid Customer Service and Sales Representatives are. They remain the best in the business. We also appreciate the ups and downs of technology and how difficult glitches are to fix. But we’re confident that Proxibid is listening to your suggestions, which you should continue to make especially if you are an auctioneer, because in the end, auction houses run this business and your ideas matter.

In this season when we express appreciation, we want all of you to know that we value you and wish you health, hope and happiness.


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