The 10 Commandments of Online Auctions

Follow these simple maxims, and enjoy success on Proxibid, knowing that you have satisfied the online coin buying audience.

  1. The better the consignment, the intenser the competition.
  2. The shorter the advertisement, the longer the impact.
  3. The preciser the lot description, the fewer the complaints.
  4. The sharper the photograph, the higher the bids.
  5. The higher the opening bid, the lower the buyer’s fee.
  6. The clearer the audio, the realer the auction experience.
  7. The easier the transaction, the more return bidders.
  8. The quicker the shipment, the greater the satisfaction.
  9. The more liability on consignors, the fewer the counterfeit coins.
  10. The more interactive the auction, the greater the trust.

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