2 Houses, 2 Shipping Policies

Proxiblog believes APN clearance is mandatory for any auction house selling coins on Proxibid. We recommend to bidders to think twice about patronizing houses lacking APN clearance. However, we advise bidders not to do business with any house that lacks such clearance and uses outside venders like UPS to pack and ship. That means bidders will have to provide credit card information twice. The security risk is just too high.

We illustrate our APN recommendation with two shipping policies from two auction houses in the same geographical area. We won’t name the auction houses. You decide with which one you are apt to do business and which one is apt to cause hassle, expense and potential security risk.


Shipping Instructions: A FLAT SHIPPING CHARGE of only $10 on all purchases (Insurance INCLUDED) in today’s Auction….This $10 is all you pay regardless if you spend $100 or $20,000… Remember You will pay $10 shipping “NO MORE”


Shipping Instructions:Items must be picked up on XX, XX 4-6pm at XXX. No Exceptions!!!! Items not picked up will be shipped by The UPS Store. PLEASE READ- NEW SHIPPING POLICIES: Items will be shipped by The UPS Store. The UPS Store will charge for Pick-Up, Packing and Shipping Items. If you want your items shipped, please contact The UPS Store within 24 hours after the auction ends with payment information. Per Proxibid regulations-We no longer have access to your payment information to transfer to The UPS Store. You can provide this information to them by phone, fax or email. … If you don’t contact them within 24 hours, you will incur a $1 [charge].

Proxiblog is an independent entity with no connection to the auction portal Proxibid. Our intent is to uphold basic numismatic standards as established by the American Numismatic Association and the National Auctioneer Association and to ensure a pleasurable bidding experience not only on Proxibid but also on similar portals such as iCollector and AuctionZip.


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