Proxiblog Keeps Growing: Updated Rankings and More!

In three months Proxiblog has established a growing audience with more than 3000 unique viewers and steady subscriptions, showcasing increasing numismatic interest in the Internet portal Proxibid.

When Proxiblog began posting in May, only 11 auctions met our standards with a mere 5 of those exceeding them–a buyer’s fee of 15% or less, clear and expandable pictures of obverse and reverse, and reasonable shipping fees with items sent within 7-10 days. Now 48 auction houses meet our standards with more than a dozen of those exceeding them, often crediting this site for practices that spur competition.

The latest to do so was Matthew Bullock Auctioneers, which has some of the best coin photography on Proxibid–in addition to wonderful consignments. Bullock, a numismatist, lowered his buyer’s fee to 15% with APN clearance and 12.5% with mailed checks. He also is offering 0% fees on quality consignments.

The combination of all of that elevated Matthew Bullock Auctioneers to the No. 3 slot in our rankings (to the right).

We have posted more than 45 articles, features, news items and columns illustrated by more than 100 photographs. Our most popular pages remain the Honor Roll, rankings of various houses and their practices; On the Block, posts by auctioneers themselves; and Articles, covering news and practices associated with the Internet coin auction business.

For those new to the site, we are independent from but supportive of Proxibid, one of the largest online auction portals in the country, known for excellent customer service and proactive security measures. We also hope to reach auctioneers doing business on iCollector and AuctionZip, other online portals selling coins.


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