On the Block: Big Fellas Auction

How easy or difficult it is for an auctioneer to make the transition to Proxibid, especially when things go horribly wrong smack dab during an inaugural auction? You’ve heard us tout the quality of Proxibid Customer Service before. Jeremy Jager of Big Fellows Auction shares his first portal experience, putting our prior endorsements to the test.

The Proxibid staff gives you as much help as you need. They make certain you are prepared for the event. Every step of the way–every question I had–those staffers were right there to answer for me. That meant a lot because, honestly, I was a little bit nervous about the whole online auction experience.

What if something were to go wrong?

I had bid on Proxibid before–many times, as a matter of fact; but here I was starting a brand new auction company run by a guy with modest computer skills. Perhaps you can understand how I might be apprehensive.

Here’s the deal for those thinking about becoming a Proxibid auctioneer: If I can do it then pretty much any one can.

For those contemplating selling coins on Proxibid, my advice would be to set aside time each day to practice the company’s auctioneer software. Also, check out other people’s auctions and their portal sites. In fact, I gained a lot knowledge from analyzing their sites, from photography to lot descriptions, and even talking to some of the other auctioneers. I was very surprised to find that everyone I had talked to was very friendly and helpful.

Also, you should expect the unexpected. Right at the end of my first auction a construction crew accidentally took out the internet line, and my auction went down. I did not know what to do! But I did know that Proxibid promised its team would be there to help if anything like this should happen; but let’s face it, we have all heard promises before that were less then truthful.

Within five minutes Proxibid support was on the phone with me. Customer service had one of their own people run the auction for me, and I called the bids over the phone. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to the young man who called and helped me get back up to finish my auction. Even most of the bidders stayed with the auction right through the end!

I have to say from start to finish this was by far one of the best auction experiences I have ever had. The Proxibid sales team and Customer Service, the registered bidders, and cooperative auctioneers are the best group of people to work with anywhere. I am grateful that Proxibid stuck with me and my auction, especially when things got difficult.

That’s the real test, and I give Proxibid an A+ for all it did.


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