Already 1000 Viewers, 23 Honor Roll Houses!

In the first two weeks of Proxiblog’s launch, some 1000+ viewers have visited our site to learn about top coin auctions selling on the portal Proxibid.

Proxiblog is an independent project with no affiliation whatsoever to Proxibid.

The Proxiblog objective is to provide more transparency, competition and quality control among auctioneers conducting online sessions. Only best practices and top auction houses will be featured here. Comments will be screened carefully to ensure that our site is as proactive as possible.

Our standards are reasonable and competitive: 15% or lower online buyer’s fees, pictures of obverse and reverse of coins, expandable photos for closer inspection of items, and shipping within 7-10 days. Value added features, such as innovative shipping policies like Scott Auctions or very low buyer’s fees like Western Auction may add points and propel a house into our top rankings (to the right).

Houses that meet our minimum standards are included in our Honor Roll. When Proxiblog began earlier this month, only 11 houses met the criteria. We have more than doubled that in our short time focusing on quality control and competition.

We understand that some auctioneers believe that Proxibid fees prevent them from charging lower online buyer’s fees; however, we reject that argument as Proxibid has expanded the coin buying clientele. In a word, this is about competition with the understanding that auctioneers who can maintain or exceed these minimum standards also will thrive with top consignments and vigorous bidding. See our article, “The Three Cs of Proxiblog.”

If you’re an auctioneer hoping to maintain high NAA standards while reaching online coin buyers, why not see if your house meets these criteria to be listed on Proxiblog?

The blog is under consideration for sponsorship with Coin World and other numismatic and auctioneer sites to increase awareness of best practices in the interest of our hobby. Once sponsorship is attained, it will be reported immediately here.


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