Weaver Auctions Rises to Top Status

One of Proxiblog’s favorite houses, Weaver Signature Coin and Currency Auctions, has lowered its online buying fee to 14% for its May 24 auction on Proxibid.

In doing so, and coupled with the firm’s other practices, owners Dave and Cheryl Weaver have catapulted their house to the number 2 spot in our rankings, surpassed only by Western Auction, which still has one of the lowest buying fees among competitors.

Weaver Auction has added values, including coin expertise and email and telephone responsiveness, showcasing the house’s emphasis on good customer relations. An example of that concerns the house updating “terms to catch up with our actual practices, particularly in dealing with counterfeit coins,” says Cheryl Weaver. As numismatists, the Weavers are especially sensitive to fake and altered coins.

“With the increase in counterfeit US coinage we have had to be on our toes to try to avoid selling those replica items,” Cheryl Weaver says. “It can be a daunting task. Weighing by grams is a start, measuring is another option, checking for diagnostics, overall appearance, even seller source–all of these things are part of our regime.

“When a seller notifies us within 5 days of receipt of an item he believes to be counterfeit we ask that he return the coin in the original unopened container insured. After verifying the coin is the same coin we sold & upon determination that it is a counterfeit we will refund the buyer his fees.

“Counterfeit Gold has been the biggest problem for us this year. Our policy now is that all gold sold by us will be in a 3rd party slab or guaranteed authentic by the seller.

Weaver Coin and Currency Auction has been in business for 16 years. Sellers are always paid 7 days following the auction. They receive a personal phone call or emailed consignment order the day following the auction.


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