Blog Showcases Best Online Auctions

Today we launch this independent blog with no affiliation to Proxibid or any of its companies to assist buyers in online auctions. If you are unfamiliar with Proxibid, you can learn more about the portal by clicking here.

Anyone who has purchased coins in an online portal like Proxibid understands the benefits and risks. You can acquire rare and key date coins, bullion, medals and other numismatic items at or below wholesale prices. Risks, though, can negate those benefits if the auction company charges high buyer’s fees, doesn’t accept returns on counterfeit or problem coins, charges too much for shipping, or has blurry pictures, shows one side of a coin, or exhibits some other visual impediment such as poor lighting.

Proxibid customer service remains one of the best in the business and often works to resolve buyer problems. However, just as often, buyers must contact auctioneers and request additional information, pictures or explanations on late or expensive shipping.

This blog will provide rankings on some of the best online auction houses selling coins and currency on Proxibid. To be showcased on this blog, the auction company must meet basic numismatic criteria. To view those criteria, click here.

To view rankings on the best online auctions selling coins on Proxibid, see the sidebar to the right of this post. Rankings will be updated every month. If you are an auctioneer whose Proxibid criteria meet basic standards–maximum 15% buyer’s fee, clear and expandable photos of obverse and reverse of coins, and reasonable shipping–leave a comment and your site will be evaluated for review.

Occasionally when Proxibid announces new coin policies, we will post that information here. Keep in mind that this is a review of auction houses and not Proxibid.

Feedback is welcome, of course; but comments will be closely monitored and only those that address issues proactively will be included.

We hope this blog will help other auction houses unfamiliar with numismatics to meet or exceed basic criteria in the interest of the hobby. Happy bidding!


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